Social Housing For Individuals & Families

Access Community Housing Company has been providing better homes and better futures to Far North Queensland families since 1991.

<span><b>Social Housing </b></span> For <span><b>Individuals  </b></span>& <span><b>Families</b></span>

Access Community Housing Company (ACHC)

  • Vision – To improve the lives of vulnerable people through accessible, affordable and sustainable housing.
  • Mission – To provide housing solutions and support that aim to transform our community.
  • Values – Respect, Equity, Compassion, Courage and Responsibility.

Access Community Housing Company

ACHC provides affordable accommodation to families, individuals and seniors (aged over 55) who are already on the Departments’ register of need. We are passionate about our role in the community and fulfilling the service obligations and Client Service Charter of our company. We currently oversee over 1,200 tenants in almost 650 properties across Cairns and Far North Queensland, from Mossman to Babinda and are the largest community housing company in far north Queensland.

Our commitment to responding and supporting the diversity of tenants in culturally appropriate and respectful ways is at the basis of all interactions and actions. Our annual tenant survey continues to provide opportunity for feedback and for our tenants to have a voice about the services we provide.

Partnerships with State Government Departments particularly the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy, support and community services and organisations, real estate agents, property owners and contractors are essential to our ability to prioritise the needs of our tenants and to respond in a caring and timely manner. Events such as NAIDOC week, International Tenants’ Day and Homelessness Week are events that are on our calendar each year and in 2017 ACHC launched its Reconciliation Action Plan to respond to the significant proportion of our tenants who are First Nations peoples.

ACHC has been registered with the National Registration System for Community Housing as a Tier 2 provider since the 10 September 2014 and celebrated its 30th year of operation in 2021.

Company Values

We have five fundamental values that drive us in our pursuit of professional and community fulfilment. These values are the foundation of our work and influence every decision and action we take.

  • Respect – We will treat everyone with dignity, valuing their input and build relationships that are based on safety and trust.
  • Equity – We will promote a culture that is inclusive, where everyone is treated fairly. We acknowledge that all people are unique and our responses will reflect their individual needs.
  • Compassion – We deliver a service that is mindful and considerate of individual’s needs, circumstances and experiences.
  • Courage – We are committed to building strong communities and face challenges to make an impact. We will be innovative when needed and are brave in confronting injustice.
  • Responsibility – We practise shared accountability and acceptance of personal actions, make informed decisions and offer solutions.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Integrated Support through partnerships. Collaborate with others who share our values and our vision to reduce homelessness, improve housing outcomes and sustainability. Our goal is to build an integrated housing service that focuses on outcomes and responds to individual’s needs. To share knowledge and grow partnerships through engagement and mutual respect. Invigorate relationships by building open and honest communication, trust and practice that values diversity and inclusiveness. Work with tenants and services to intervene early and reduce intergenerational impacts of homelessness. Improve and strengthen our service delivery to tenants to improve and support housing sustainability. Develop an enhanced service delivery model that strengthens our organisations capability to meet the needs of our tenants.
  2. Leadership & Advocacy. Be part of the review of the housing system, advocate for change and long term solutions that reflect our clients’ changing needs. Engage with other agencies to enhance our service delivery and build productive partnerships. Play a leadership role with Qld Housing Strategy 2017 – 2027 and reviews of the system to build a streamlined system that is responsive and flexible. Influence, motivate and inspire others within our sector to recognise the challenges and workto adapt and shape a different system.
  3. Governance & Viability. Maintain effective and sustainable practices that ensure viability of the company and compliance with all legislative and regulatory bodies. Diversity of portfolios to reflect skills sets and organisational impact. To recruit skilled and professional staff and directors who are passionate, ethical and committed to the business objectives.
  4. Revitalisation of the Housing Sector. Play an active role in influencing change to improve the future of the housing sector. Actively engage with all levels of government and private investors to help us grow our housing portfolio to provide more social and affordable housing for our community. Enhance our service delivery to include other housing products that will improve housing sustainability and include innovative housing solutions. Build agility and implement innovative ways to engage tenants and rejuvenate the sector e.g. green solutions, new designs and funding models.
  5. Valuing People. Invest in our staff to develop and extend skillsets to meet the changing needs of our community. Lead and guide integration of sustainability principles and practices across the organisation, enhance cultural competency and safety that builds a positive work culture. Flexible work practices and workforce development that provide for the future organisational needs and staff well-being.

The Access Community Housing Strategic Plan 2021-25 is available for download here.

Our Commitment to Community

ACHC work tirelessly to increase the supply of potential housing for our new and existing clients. This is achieved by working with landlords, community leaders, peer organisations and government agencies. The ACHC head office is based in Cairns but we liaise with internal and external clients and stakeholders across the Far North Queensland region.

For more information on Access Community Housing Company please contact us on or phone (07) 4031 6702.

Our Client Service Charter

Access Community Housing Company has an established Client Service Charter in place. It details our commitment to our clients, as follows:

  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • Be polite and professional
  • Be fair, open and honest
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality of your personal information
  • Treat requests with consideration
  • Always act with integrity and ethics
  • Act within the policies and procedures of the Company
  • Give clear, accurate and timely information
  • Do what we say we will do
  • Help tenants access support services

For more information regarding Access Community Housing Company’s Client Service Charter, please contact us on or phone (07) 4031 6702.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Access Community Housing Company (ACHC) acknowledges the First Nations peoples of this land and its surrounding waters. We recognise, respect and celebrate their cultural distinctions and value their rich and positive contribution to our broader society.

Download your copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan here.

For more information regarding Access Community Housing Company, please contact us on or phone (07) 4031 6702

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