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Client Services Complaints Resolution Policy


This Complaints Policy applies to all individuals and businesses in contact with Access Community Housing Company (ACHC), with the exception of staff and volunteers.


The purpose of the Client Service Complaints Resolution Policy is to provide an avenue through which Clients can resolve service related complaints as they arise.

This Policy does not apply to personal or workplace grievances. If such a grievance arises, refer to the Dispute Resolution for Staff and Volunteer Policy.


Clients have the right to efficient and effective management of complaints and appeals, and will continue to be treated in a respectful manner during any complaints or appeal process.

Clients have a right to complain and will be provided with information on the processes involved in making a complaint.

Clients have the right to request a review or to appeal any decision made by the Company

The purpose of this policy is to:-

  • Deal with any matters regarding a complaint or appeal, which tenants may have with the Company.
  • Ensure tenants are aware of the processes involved in making a complaint, seeking a review or lodging an appeal of any decision.
  • Ensure that a request for a review or an appeal of any decision is dealt with in a transparent and timely manner

ACHC recognises that our Clients, their supports, organisations and community members have the right to raise issues of concerns with ACHC. Accordingly, ACHC will endeavour to provide a fair and just environment, by aiming to ensure that clients have access to a process for the resolution of complaints related to the services provided by ACHC.

All complaints will be:

  • acknowledged, investigated and remediated;
  • handled in a fair and positive manner with confidentiality maintained throughout the process;
  • recorded on the Complaints Register for Board reporting and service improvement purposes.
  • The Complaints Register will include details of the complaint, the actions taken and the outcomes of the complaint; and
  • handled with the aim of resolving the complaint expediently and appropriately, and making any warranted improvement to procedures, service delivery and policy.

ACHC will use its reasonable endeavours to:

  • encourage clients to come forward with complaints;
  • deal with complaints in a supportive way, without victimisation or intimidation of any person connected with the complaint;
  • encourage fairness, impartiality and the resolution of complaints as promptly and as close as possible to the source of the complaint; and
  • have all staff seek to resolve complaints expeditiously.
  • The process for making complaints will be fully documented and the Client’s wishes will be considered in determining the appropriate steps and actions.


All employees shall be accountable for receiving and attending to Client Complaints Resolution.


Donna-Maree O’Connor

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