Women’s Health Clinic Edmonton

Services offered at the clinics include Pap Smears, Sexual Health Screening Education/information on: Menopause, Breast Health, Nutrition, Contraception, Bowel Health  etc Women of all ages are welcome and appointments can be made by phoning the number listed.

Location Phone Date
Wuchopperen 4080 1000 Mondays 6th & 27th July
Edmonton 4226 4900 Monday 6th July
Cairns North 4226 4333 Tuesday 7th July
Smithfield 4226 4800 Fridays 10th & 24th July
Port Douglas 4099 5518 Monday (am) 13th July
Mossman 4084 1790 or 4084 1201 Monday (pm) 13th JulyWednesday (pm) 15th July

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