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Tenant Survey Reports

Access Community Housing Company (ACHC) undertakes annual Tenant Surveys, covering a range of issues. The surveys are designed to provide ACHC with important feedback and data on our services, our tenants, their demographics and the issues they face with their properties and community housing. They provide an important communication, reporting, feedback and planning tool for ACHC.

ACHC Tenant Surveys are distributed and completed in two ways, posted with reply paid envelopes and face to face interviews. This enables maximum tenant participation and response. In addition, tenants are encouraged to participate through an incentive, being the chance to win a $200 food voucher. Tenant anonymity is protected throughout the collation and reporting of data and results, as individuals are not asked to provide their names and addresses on the survey.

ACHC Tenant Survey Report Downloads

For more information regarding the Access Community Housing Company Tenant Surveys, please contact us on or phone (07) 4031 6702.

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