Better CHEFS Program

The program brings people together to share ideas and experiences around food and healthy lifestyles. Sitting down together and sharing meals allows for this to happen. Food is also a good way to connect and build understanding between different people and cultures. The program is delivered over 2 sessions; the last session being the cooking day. On completion of the program, participants will have an increased awareness to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. If you would like to participate in Access Community Housing’s Better CHEFS Program, please contact Gavin at the office on 4031 6702 for more information.

Furniture & Bicycle Repair

Have you got an old pushbike sitting in pieces or in need of repair? Or maybe you have a piece of old furniture in need of repair. This group restores and repairs old furniture items that are either abandoned at our properties or rescued from the scrap heap. A couple of nails here, couple of screws there, a bit of sanding and a coat of varnish to make it look like new. Building furniture from wooden pallets is another practical activity for this group to undertake that would benefit our households. All tools, materials and equipment are provided. If you …read more

Sewing Group

Have you ever wanted to make your own curtains to give your home your own personal touch? If you have, the sewing group might be for you. Bring along your pre-loved clothing items that may need some patching or bring along curtains or drapes that may need hemming. Share your ideas or sewing patterns with the sewing group. Or just come along to mingle with the other members of the group. You don’t have to know how to sew to be a part of the group, but you will have every opportunity to learn. The sewing group has quilting projects …read more

Community Gardens Group

Access Community Housing is establishing a Community Garden project at one of our larger unit complexes. The project is a vehicle to build social cohesion and creativity among our tenants. Health, nutrition and eating from the right food groups are a big part of a sustainable garden and there will be an ongoing process of information and education of this for Access community Housing’s community garden. All tools, materials and equipment will be provided. If you would like to participate in Access Community Housing’s community garden group, please contact Gavin at the office on 4031 6702 for more information.

Arts & Crafts Group

A wonderful and therapeutic opportunity to express yourself creatively. There are a range of art and crafting activities available, from painting to making dreamcatchers, ornaments and themed crafting sessions eg; Christmas and Easter. The arts and crafting group are always looking for new activities to do and are open to ideas from new group members. All materials and equipment are provided but you are also more than welcome to bring along your own projects to share with the group. Where: Hambledon House at Edmonton + MaraWay Hub on Anderson Street + Pease Street Community Hall at 63-67 Little Pease Street, …read more


SPAYC + PLACE SuperSession and Family Movie Night. A celebration of community. Plenty of sports, games and activities. MC and music by Naomi Wenitong. Free BBQ and surprise visit from Santa. When: Friday 3 December 2021 Where: Shang Park What: Activities in the Park – 4pm-6pm What: Family Movie Night from 6pm More Info: 0427 838 388 Download Flyer

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