Tenant Services & Supports

We provide a range of training opportunities and engagement activities to support our tenants to thrive. Details of these are provided below and if you require any further information, contact our office.

<span><b>Tenant Services</b></span> &<span><b> Supports </b></span>

Tenant Opportunities, Training, Workshops & Programs

We provide our tenants with a range of training activities, workshops and programs to foster and encourage personal growth. There is no experience or skill level required to participate in any of these and support is provided for participation.

Training Program > Skillset for Successful Tenancies

The Skillsets for Successful Tenancies is a competency-based training package available as a fully self-led online course, as a virtual classroom experience or in a face-to-face classroom style setting. The course covers the following key skillsets:

  • Communication
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Maintaining and Cleaning a Property
  • Finances and Budgeting

For more information download the Course Poster here.

Join Our > Tenant Advisory Group

The Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) is a forum for tenants to raise issues, discuss options, plan actions and obtain support to improve the quality of life for themselves, their neighbours and the broader community. Members of TAG enjoy being involved in a wide range of services and activities including:

  • Participating in meetings and events
  • Discussing issues such as repairs, tenancy and welfare, and generating solutions
  • Providing feedback on Access Housing’s policy and procedures directly affecting tenants
  • Advising on how Access Housing communicates with tenants
  • Assisting with planning community programs including competitions, special events and forums
  • Providing advice on how tenants can participate e.g. surveys or workshops

For more information download our TAG Fact Sheet here.

Next meeting Thursday 3rd November 2022 10:30am to 12:00pm at the community hall, 63-67 Pease Street.  Click here for details.

South Side Bites

Hambledon House Community Centre is running a project called South Side Bites.  . This project has the aim of compiling low cost, easy to make recipes made with ingredients people may already have in their pantry or are easy to obtain locally.
They will be publishing the recipes in a book and online. They are also wanting to source and promote information on food security such as growing your own produce, local fresh food markets and swapping food with your neighbours.
During a time of increasing food prices and a high cost of living this project is incredibly important. Hambledon House Community Centre would love to see our communities have access to recipes that can easily be produced at a comparatively low cost.
They already have a number of recipes and have been placing them on their website as well as videoing some of the dishes being prepared.
They have a deadline for recipes of 20 July. They are very keen to showcase a range of dishes representing the vibrant nature of our local communities.

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