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If you are a property owner, we invite and welcome you to work with us to supply ‘Better Homes, Better Futures’ to the Far North Queensland community.

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Landlord Information & FAQ's

Access Community Housing Company (ACHC) is a not-for-profit company which provides social housing for eligible applicants across Far North Queensland. ACHC is funded by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE) and registered under the National Regulatory System as a Tier 2 provider. Housing is provided to clients who are on the DCHDE register of need. ACHC provides housing under a range of DCHDE programs, including the Community Rent Scheme (CRS). Under this scheme, ACHC rents privately owned properties, either through a real estate or dealing direct with the owner, and uses these in conjunction with their affordable housing service.

Landlords of CRS properties are a valued link in the Access Community Housing Company chain of delivery, where we strive to achieve our motto of ‘Better Homes, Better Futures’. For landlords wishing to participate in ACHC and the CRS program there are many benefits and things to know, some of which are provided below. For additional information, please contact Access Community Housing Company on phone (07) 4031 6702 or

How many properties does Access Community Housing Company manage?

ACHC has been operating since 1991 and currently manages approximately 650 properties across Far North Queensland, from Mossman to Cairns and Babinda.

What would my property be used for?

Privately owned properties operating in conjunction with ACHC are allocated to tenants under the Queensland Government’s Community Rent Scheme.

What is the Community Rent Scheme?

This scheme enables ACHC to provide transitional housing to eligible applicants with high or very high housing needs. It is not designed to be a long term Housing solution; rather it provides tenants with the opportunity to stabilize their circumstances before moving either on to the private property/rental market or longer-term social housing.

What are the rental arrangements-how much will I be paid for my property?

Private property owners/real estate agents will receive the market rental rate for the property. Under the terms and conditions of the Community Rent Scheme, ACHC will be the landlord for the property. The rent for the tenants is subsidized by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE). Property owners will receive the agreed, full market rate rental return on their property.

What are the benefits of placing my property with ACHC and the Community Rent Scheme?

You are assured of safe, long term tenancies. Rent is paid one calendar month in advance by electronic transfer direct to your account. No vacancy rate: you will be paid rent even if the property is vacant during its agreed term in the CRS with ACHC.

How does the agreement work?

Your property would be leased under the Community Rent Scheme under a Headlease agreement. Under this agreement, ACHC is the tenant. ACHC then sub leases the property under a General Tenancy Agreement to suitable applicants. For more information on this, please visit the tenants tab.


All lessors are required to supply details at the time of entering into an agreement of adequate and current property and public liability insurance. This must be a minimum of $20 million as the insured amount.


ACHC inspect all properties on a regular basis and advise the lessor accordingly of any maintenance that is required. It is the responsibility of the owner/agent to arrange and pay for the work to be undertaken (unless tenant damage is evident). In the event of an emergency repair being required every attempt will be made to contact the lessors preferred tradespeople however ACHC’s own tradespeople will be engaged and paid for by ACHC and reimbursement will be sought from the lessor if the preferred contractor is not available. Non-emergency repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the lessor and ACHC, as your tenant, will advise of any repairs of maintenance for your attention.


Lessors are required to give ACHC reasonable notice if access to their property is needed in order for the organisation to inform our tenants. Lessors can opt to accompany Property Managers on their inspections.

The ACHC operates in accordance with a Client Service Charter and is committed to its mission of ‘meeting the needs of disadvantaged families and individuals for suitable accommodation, relevant information and support in collaboration with our support agencies’.

For more information on becoming a landlord, please don’t hesitate to contact Access Community Housing Company on or phone (07) 4031 6702.

For more information regarding Access Community Housing Company, please contact us on or phone (07) 4031 6702

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